Partnership With RBS Mentor

Partnership With RBS Mentor

Utilitywise partners with RBS to offer energy efficiency advice to customers.

RBS Mentor already offers business customers support with employment law, HR protocols, health and safety and environmental management, but will now extend this into energy management in tandem with the Utilitywise team. The new partnership is a strategic move to encourage more energy efficient businesses and the positive impact this approach can bring.

Utilitywise, one of the UK’s leading energy, carbon and water consultancies, will provide on-site energy audits to help businesses involved in the scheme better understand potential energy savings. Utilitywise expects to carry out 1,800 energy audits over the three year contract.

The insight from the audits will demonstrate possible kWh, carbon dioxide and financial savings businesses could make, alongside a range of detailed recommendations. The Utilitywise team will support businesses to understand the information provided to them and educate them on energy efficiency improvements that could be introduced to their business.

The partnership further cements Utilitywise’s commitment to help all business, large or small, to achieve energy efficiency; reducing costs and minimising their carbon impact. Tim Hipperson, Head of European Services at Utilitywise, said: “We are pleased to be able to support and enhance the RBS Mentor programme and have the opportunity to reach enthusiastic businesses looking for advice and guidance for their day-to-day operations. Our business is focused on helping other businesses to understand their energy usage, as the first step to managing it better. Businesses tend to have enough on their to-do list, which is where we can help take the stress away and easily educate them on the changes they could make to benefit their business in the long run.”

John Muncey, Head of Mentor at the Royal Bank of Scotland, said: “Energy is an important but often forgotten part of most small businesses’ supply chains and better management of energy use can help reap important savings that add to cash flow. This partnership is a great way to support customers to increase awareness of their energy consumption and ensure they are using this resource efficiently. I look forward to seeing the benefits it can bring for our business customers.”

For more information on the scheme please call 0800 970 9814.


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