Saving energy through the winter

Saving energy through the winter

We’re all using more energy now that the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping.

We’re all using more energy now that the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping. Whether we’re at home or at work, we’re switching our lights on earlier, leaving the heating on for longer, and interacting with more electrical devices like kettles and televisions, because it’s just too cold to go outside.

That’s a lot of extra energy to consume, and our consumption rates rise even more because so many of us forget to do one simple thing:

Switch it all off.

“Switch it off” is common sense advice but it can be very hard to follow, particularly in the run up to Christmas. It’s easy to forget about the office lights when you’re busy at work and distracted at home. Utilitywise energy consultants have even found people running their heating system all night, which doesn’t make a lot of sense if you don’t operate a night shift.

Utilitywise specialises in helping businesses identify opportunities to reduce their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. We’ve put together our top five winter energy savings tips to help you make it through the colder months.

Five tips helping you save energy through the winter:

  1. Make sure you’re using the right boiler for your business premises. A boiler that’s too big will never reach its full capacity and will always be running at part load. It won’t heat your small office faster or better. All it will do is cost you money.
  2. Assess your lighting situation. We’ve already established that it’s easy to leave a light switched on, and it can be hard to modify staff behaviour. The Utilitywise Ecofit team installs motion sensors every day, so our clients don’t have to worry about lights being left on overnight. Motion sensors work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so your staff will never need to touch a light switch again.
  3. Check your thermostat. Make sure it’s installed in a suitable location away from bright sunlight and strong drafts so that it can correctly detect and interpret the temperature. You should also consider a tamper-proof thermostat, because there’s always somebody in the office who gets too cold and turns the heating up. This fiddling bumps up your energy consumption and your costs. Keeping your thermostat set at a constant 19-21˚C reduces your consumption, and that should be reflected in your energy bill.
  4. Check your insulation. Good insulation should keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so make sure it’s working the way it’s supposed to. You should also uncover your radiators and heating ducts so that the heat can flow through the room.
  5. Make sure your cleaning staff are doing a thorough job. Cleaning isn’t just about hygiene. Have your windows washed regularly so that as much daylight as possible filters into your building, and make sure your light fittings aren’t covered with dust. The cleaner your light fittings, the less likely you are to switch to a higher energy bulb, and the brighter your windows, the less likely you are to use your lights at all.

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