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Utilitywise Plc (in Administration) (Company Number: 05849580, EPIC: UTW)

On 13 February 2019, Andrew Johnson and Chad Griffin of FTI Consulting LLP were appointed as Joint Administrators of Utilitywise Plc (“UTW”). UTW is the AIM-listed holding company of the Utilitywise Group (“the Group”), and the trading entity for the Group’s Enterprise division, which provided energy and utility brokerage services to micro-market and SME businesses customers.

After extensive discussions with the Group’s largest shareholders and other stakeholders, the directors of UTW were unable to raise sufficient funding to cover trading losses and implement the turnaround strategy required by the Enterprise business.

Furthermore, the formal sale process for the Group announced by the board on 28 January 2019 did not result in any offers to acquire the Enterprise division, or the Group as a whole. Consequently, the directors of UTW sought the appointment of Administrators at UTW. The Administrators have taken the decision to cease trading for the Enterprise division immediately, but are continuing the sales process for UTW’s subsidiary companies.

All other group entities remain outside of an insolvency process and continue to trade as normal.

The affairs, business and property of UTW are being managed by the Joint Administrators. The Joint Administrators act as agents of UTW and without personal liability.

Andrew Johnson and Chad Griffin are licensed in the United Kingdom to act as insolvency practitioners by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, under section 390A(2)(a) of the Insolvency Act 1986.


Further information for key stakeholders can be found below.


If you are a customer of UTW, as a third-party intermediary (“TPI”), UTW acted as an introducer between you and utility (electricity, gas, water, etc) suppliers. Your supply contacts are between you and the utility supplier directly. Your supply contracts with utility suppliers will be unaffected by the Administration of Utilitywise Plc. If you have any queries regarding your current supply contract, you should contact the utility supplier directly. If you have any further queries, please contact UWadministrators@fticonsulting.com.

If customers have any questions regarding their utility supplies going forwards, they can email utilitywiseinfo@kinex.co.uk.


If you are owed any money for goods or services provided prior to the appointment of Administrators, you are an unsecured creditor of UTW. A proof of debt form is available on the Administrators’ creditors portal, following the here https://www.fticonsulting-emea.com/cip/utilitywise-plc. Please forward details of your claim to UWCreditors@fticonsulting.com enclosing copies of any supporting documentation such as invoices, contracts etc.

 Retention of Title

If you consider that you have supplied goods to UTW that are subject to retention of title, please notify the Administrators within 10 days by emailing UWCreditors@fticonsulting.com with the subject header “Retention of Title”. Please provide the following documents for us to assess your claim.

·        A copy of your standard terms and conditions of supply of goods;

·        Evidence that the company accepted such conditions;

·        Copies of delivery notes/proof of delivery;

·        Copies of unpaid invoices to which your claim relates; and

·        Evidence that you supplied the goods in question, as opposed to any other supplier who may supply the same or similar goods.


Please contact the Administrators on 020 3727 1700, to arrange for the inspection of any goods that may be at UTW’s premises.

Leased Assets

If you have supplied UTW with equipment, vehicles etc that are subject to a finance agreement, or have hired equipment, vehicles etc to UTW, please provide proof of ownership and a detailed description of the items concerned to UWCreditors@fticonsulting.com with the subject header “Leased Assets”.


If you are a former employee of UTW and have any queries in relation to the Administration process, please contact the Administrators via email on UWEmployees@fticonsulting.com . Information from JobCentrePlus can be found here

For those employees who have submitted a claim to the redundancy payments service and would like to know what the payments they will be made up of, this information will be provided by ERA Solutions on Monday 4th March 2019.

Individual breakdown of payments will be sent to those employees who have given email addresses on claim forms. If you have not yet provided ERA with an email contact and wish to receive a breakdown of payments, please provide your contact email to ERA Solutions via email at enquiries@era-solutions.co.uk

Sales Process

If you have any queries relating to the sales process for EIC and T-MAC, please contact the Administrators on 020 3727 1700 or via email on UWCreditors@fticonsulting.com.

Resignation of Nomad

In accordance with the AIM listing rules, please note that finnCap Limited has resigned as the Nominated Advisor (NOMAD) for Utilitywise Plc.